“I had a heart attack at the age of 47 and knew I had to make some serious lifestyle changes if I wanted to be around to meet my future grandchildren. I joined a well-known weight loss group twice, and even though I’d lose weight, I seemed to put it all back on when I quit. I never really changed my eating habits; I reduced the calories but still I was basically eating all carbs. Then a friend told me about Hannah’s nutrition group and I decided I’d check it out. “Looking great” hadn’t been a motivator for me in years, but, as it turned out, learning all about the “whys” was. Why you should and shouldn’t eat certain foods, why your body reacts to certain foods and why I was feeling so tired all the time. I learned so much and made so many changes in those 12 weeks that I took the session again, because I wanted to make sure I retained it all. I wound up losing 15 lbs but the best part for me was having more energy and not having “brain fog” anymore! Plus I made some really great friends!”

– Joan Young, Lacey, WA