My mom is 87. She started seeing Hannah in January 2013. Her diabetes was out of
control and I was afraid she would have a stroke or other disabling illness. She
was overweight with very limited mobility and lots of food
allergies/limitations. Hannah helped her change her eating habits in a very
supportive way and I am thrilled to report that over nine months mom’s A1C went
from 7.9 to 6.5, her insulin dose went from 68 to 24 units, she’s lost 20
pounds, and her kidney function is now normal. On top of this she is eating
healthy, nutritious food and having fun trying new recipes. We both love Hannah
– she always has great ideas, is extremely knowledgeable, and always supportive.
She has showed us its never too late to improve your health!
Sherilynn Casey – Olympia, WA