To anyone out there who suffers from an autoimmune disease .I am not even certain of how to present my testimonial, because my health has improved so drastically in such a short time!

I began seeing Hannah not quite one month ago. I had been diagnosed with a “curiously angry onset”( as my Rheumatologist described it ) of Rheumatoid Arthritis in April of 2015. My quality of life as a healthy, active 52 year old woman became, overnight, a painful daily struggle to walk, drive, use my hands without extreme pain and discomfort. We have two disabled dogs that need my help, but I couldn’t use my hands!  It was a complete blindside, giving me no chance to get used to the idea that my life, because RA is a progressive and incurable autoimmune disease, would ever become normal again.


I started my journey with RA with steroids and Methotrexate, common drug treatments for the disease, quickly moving on to bi-weekly injections of Humira in addition to the other medications. While my side effects were not significant, neither was my relief! I had been in constant contact with my Rheumatologist, with visits every 5 weeks, and to their surprise, nothing was having significant effect. I subsequently was unable to continue my daily exercise routines, or really any exercise at all. As sufferers of RA know, you HAVE to move your body to keep your joints movin, but my joints wouldn’t move!


One long winter later, I decided to take a look at better nutrition. I found Hannah on her website, and noted she had experience in dealing with autoimmune diseases. I was in the next day!


First of all, Hannah is a warm, personable caregiver, who is so easy to communicate with, exactly what I needed to help me tackle this awful disease. Having a great sense of humor and the flexibility to understand your lifestyle, she did indeed start helping me tackle!


It has been 3 weeks….I don’t know how to describe my experience except to say LIFE CHANGING!! My energy is sky high, I have almost NO pain in the joints that just 3 weeks ago were immobile. The plan that Hannah presented to me is easy, give up some things, add others, feel better! Not to say that giving up some things is always easy, but my body tells me for sure, that I do not need Gluten, dairy, or red meat, and I will tell you, MY BODY IS REALLY SURE! There are tons of food options for us autoimmune sufferers, you just have to be a little bit more creative, and I have found the “sacrifice” not much of a sacrifice at all.

If you are unsure about seeing a nutritionist, if you want to decide to take responsibility for your body instead of letting medication do most of the work, please don’t hesitate to contact Hannah. I am in awe at the concept that I can control my disease through food, and I refuse to let my disease control me. I have never had to take on something like this, and I am so grateful I found a “partner in crime” in Hannah. We are continuing to fine tune my diet, and I feel so lucky that I have the support to do it. My husband is shocked, he says I look completely different than I did a month ago, and now he is following the plan. I am back at the gym, running with my dogs, and swimming every day.

Thanks to Hannah and the crew, including Dr. Easter for everything!

Monica J.-  Issaquah, WA